Dr. Virginia Kaklamani

2009-2010 Lynn Sage Scholar

Professor of Medicine
Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers Chair in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
A.B. Alexander Distinguished Chair in Oncology
Associate Director for Clinical Research
Leader, Breast Oncology Program
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Genetics, Obesity and Breast Cancer

Dr. Kaklamani’s research interests include studying high-risk families and identifying genetic mutations that are associated with an increased risk for breast, colon and prostate cancer. Additionally, she is a clinical investigator with expertise in designing clinical trials with targeted agents.

As a Lynn Sage Scholar, Dr. Kaklamani studied the risk factors for weight gain in women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Women diagnosed with breast cancer are susceptible to increased weight gain, which in turn, increases the chance of recurrence of the cancer. She has identified several genetic mutations related to obesity that increase the risk of breast cancer.

“The Lynn Sage Foundation has given me the support to examine the role of obesity related genes in breast cancer. This will help our breast cancer patients live longer and better lives, ” comments Dr. Kaklamani.

Dr. Kaklamani completed her medical training with honors at the University of Athens and completed her residency in internal medicine at Newton Wellesley Hospital in Boston. She completed her fellowship in hematology and oncology at Northwestern University and also received a Master of Science degree in clinical investigation from Northwestern University. Prior to joining the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, she was head of the Translational Breast Program at Northwestern University and co-director of Northwestern’s cancer genetics program.